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Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History
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City Folk: English Country Dance and the Politics of the Folk in Modern America
Daniel Walkowitz

Mostly frustrated footnotes

Grasshopper Jungle - Andrew  Smith

Weird as all get-out, but hilarious. Dramatically marred by three rather unfortunate utterances having to do with rape [1, 2] and bisexuality [3], which are particularly striking in a book about queer, poly people.


[1] {TW: rape} "Andrzej forced himself sexually on Phoebe. Phoebe Hildebrandt did not resist his advances." (P. 220, emphasis added)


[2] {TW: more rape} "But she also allowed Andrzej Szczerba to insert his erect penis into her vagina." (P. 220, emphasis added)


[3] "Robby shrugged. 'They have a name for guys like you, you know, Austin?' / 'Um, Bisexual?' I guessed. I did not think I was bisexual. I was only guessing." (P.340)[a]


[a] Not that there's anything wrong with people not being bi, or not identifying as bi. However, this is (as much or more than it is a book about giant preying mantises killing people in Iowa) a book about a boy wrestling with being in love with a boy and a girl simultaneously, and this is the only indication that this may not be completely unique to this one character. And then there's this incredibly dismissive line. With no follow up. Why doesn't he think he's bisexual? Does he think there's something wrong with being bi? Why is it important that THIS BOOK wave away the accusation of bisexuality?[i]


[i] Is it because he's also clearly poly (also not indicated as being A Thing Anyone Else Is) and they were trying to avoid the bi=promiscuous/incapable-of-monogamy/always-needing-to-be-banging-both-sex conflation that so frequently occurs and causes anger in, er, me and others?